Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You Tube Mission Moments

Over the course of several weeks, I am creating an online stewardship workshop to assist churches and other non-profits with their stewardship celebrations. Please click back on previous posts for more information.

Some thoughts on Mission Moments
During stewardship celebrations, we often have mission moments/temple talks. The standard mission moment involves a member of the congregation sharing information on a particular ministry or program. They may include a personal story, telling why they care about this ministry. Sometimes members will tell of the impact a ministry has had on the community: "We have made 70 quilts this year that were sent to Africa." "Our volunteers shared 100 hours to help build a Habitat Home in our community."

A few tips on Mission Moments
  • Clearly explain the purpose of the Mission Moment to the speaker and give them a time limit. Just because we as leaders know what we want to see in a mission moment doesn't mean the person giving the moment has the same vision.
  • Keep it positive This doesn't mean you should gloss over problems facing the congregation. However a mission moment saying "we aren't making budget. Again. You need to pay your fair share" doesn't inspire anyone to give
  • Consider where you place mission moments in the service We now have mission moments after the Creed and before the prayers. After the moment is complete, one of the Pastors says "We have heard the Word of God through scripture, and you have declared your faith through the Creed. We have heard how God is calling us to respond in faith. Let's pray for God's presence and guidance as we consider how to live out our faith through the work of this mission.
You Tube Mission Moments

This is something new we are trying this year. The work of a congregation goes well beyond the church walls. Why not hear from those who have been impacted by the gifts of your congregation? Consider people and organizations who have benefited by the gifts of your congregation. Ask them to make a short, 2-3 minute You Tube video thanking the congregation for their gifts. You can then show the video during worship. Using You Tube is simple. If you don't know how to use it, there are people in your congregation who do. Here are two samples that we are using.

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